Ideally, we recommend puppies receive vaccines at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age.

The 8 week vaccination would consist of the DHPP (Distemper /Parvo combo).

The next round at 12 weeks of age would be the same but also include a vaccine for Leptospirosis as well as Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

Then at 16 weeks of age, the exact same vaccines as given at 12 weeks of age should be boosted. Rabies is given by us at 4 months of age also.

In summary: 8 weeks of age – DHPP
12 weeks of age – DHPP-L, Bord
16 weeks of age – DHPP-L. Bord, Rabies

If vaccines are started later than 8 weeks, we may adjust intervals accordlingly. The immune system at 6 weeks is not as responsive as at 8 weeks. Even if given a vaccine at 6 weeks of age, we still recommend the protocol as described. If started later than 8 weeks, we can adjust as needed. If an older animal begins vaccinations and has never been vaccinated, they are still boosted 3 times total. Your veterinarian on site can discuss these things if there is any question.

Older dogs should receive annual booster vaccinations of DHPP-Lepto. and Bordetella.

Kennel Cough (Bordetella) is actually best boosted every 6 months for the best possible immunity.

Lepto is also best boosted every 6 months for optimum immunity.

Your pet will be given a 3 year licensed rabies vaccine. However, in certain locations and under certain conditions this vaccine meets only one year legal requirements. In Texas, if this is your pets first Rabies vaccination it is considered a one year licensed vaccine. If the next booster vaccination of it (our 3 year licensed vaccine) is given within 12 months, it will be legal for 3 years. If the interval is more than 12 months between injections, then the licensing is good for only one year again. And the same applies thereafter. This is the state law currently. Also, note that certain counties and cities in Texas require once a year vaccination for Rabies which overrules any 3 year licensing possibilities.